Get Cash for Trucks, SUV’s, Boats, RV’s Call or Text Cash for Junk Cars Clearwater FL: 727-776-6376 in Pinellas County, Florida

Cash for Junk Cars Clearwater FL is an Auto Salvage company who offers the following services:

  • Towing Services – Free when we pay you cash for your automobile
  • Salvage Services – We scrap automobiles and vehicles irregardless of the condition
  • Junk Car Buyer – We buy junk cars, boats, trucks, RV’s, SUV’s and more. Your junk is our treasure.
  • Cash for Vehicles – We pay cash for your unwanted vehicles. Good shape, bad shape, any shape.
  • Fair and Friendly – We believe in treating people right. We won’t waste your time with unfair practices.
  • Simple Process of Junking Vehicles – We don’t make the process of junking your car difficult and are here to serve you.Cash for Junk Cars Clearwater FL believes in treating our customers right. Much of our business comes from referrals so our goal is to be fair, professional and trustworthy. We will offer you the best price possible for your unwanted vehicles and free towing.

Junking Your Trucks, SUV’s, Boats, RV’s Can Mean Quick Cash and Free Towing.  If you need to junk your car, truck, suv, boat or RV we can help and it’s easy. Simply text a photo of your vehicle  with info to:  727-776-6376.  We offer free towing for your junkers, clunkers or hoopties when we offer you cash for your junk vehicle. We’ll come to you anywhere in Pinellas County, Florida if you need cash for cars, cash for trucks, SUV’s, boats and yes, even RV’s. We know that removing these old vehicles can seem difficult but Cash for Junk Cars Clearwater, FL will make it easy.  No more insurance, no more junk in you yard, driveway or garage… No more vehicles doubling as a flower pot or weed holder.

If you want to get started, simply call or text today.  You might walk away with a pocket full of cash and peace of mind!